Training – Sept./Oct.

Join a select group of motivated young professionals

pushing green to the tipping point now…

An action-focused leadership training addressing healthy, sustainable ways to satisfy our food, energy, water, and stuff needs. Together, we determine how to personally live these ways, and how to “spiral up and out” to inspire others

The Presidio of San Francisco (Building 34)


Saturday Sept 27 (1-3:30pm) Food Systems – “What Really Goes into a Good Meal?”

Tuesday Sept 30 (7-9pm) Water Use – “Where Does the Drain Go?”

Tuesday Oct 7 (7-9pm) Energy Use – “What Comes After the Peak”

Tuesday Oct 14 (7-9pm) Material Goods – “Made in Where?”

Saturday Oct 25 (10:30am-4pm)   Everyday Leadership Training


Register as trainings will be limited to 2o people to encourage good discussion and dialogue. Attend all sessions to receive an Evolving Leaders Toolkit and earn an “Evolving Leader Certificate” to demonstrate expertise on current trends in sustainability leadership.

To register, email Evan Henrich at


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